Two families of Vigo at risk of being evicted on Thursday are still waiting for the judges to grant postponements

One asks for time to move to a house of the Xunta in Tomiño and the other to “see what the City Council and the Xunta say”

The two families of Vigo at risk of being evicted on Thursday, day 21, are still pending that the judges determine whether or not to grant them a postponement for the eviction, one of them awaiting the outcome of the court ruling and the other in order to have time to complete the procedures to access a home that has offered the Xunta.

The two trials, involving a family in the neighborhood of Teis and another of O Calvario for non-payment of rent, were held on Monday morning in the courts of Vigo, where dozens of people called by the collective ‘Os Ninguéns’, The Popular Solidarity Network and the Platform of Affected by Mortgages have focused on supporting these families.

According to Europa Press sources close to the families, the hearing by the family of O Calvario was held early in the morning despite the absence of the lawyer ex officio, and now they are pending what the judge decides, who the Xunta is going to send a fax requesting the suspension of the launch alluding to its situation of vulnerability and while it finishes the paperwork to adjudge a house to them in Tomiño.

Specifically this is a family unit of three members (a couple and his nephew), which has a total income of about 500 euros -by Risga and subsidies- and which accumulates several months of defaults. “We are out of work,” explained the affected Israel Sangiao, who has thanked his landlords “for what they endured, how they behaved.” “To take off his hat,” he summarized.

For its part, the trial for the case of the family of Teis has also been held and are now waiting for the sentence to be set in which the firm date of the launch is set, which could take between five and 10 days . According to the same sources explained, they are usually about 20 days, so the eviction of this family can be delayed about 25 or 30 days, time in which they expect the City Council to grant them one of the municipal floors available.

The head of this family (with a minor scholar and having a work-related illness and he himself an incapacitation), Augusto Pérez, previously at the hearing, moved to the media asking to suspend the launch pending “to see what the City Council the Xunta “and know if they give any solution, because” in less than a month “the family” will be in the same situation again, with date of departure and inability to rent a flat for their income “.

Irse de vigo

The spokesman of the collective ‘Os Ninguéns’, Antón Bouzas, explained in statements to the media during the rally that the Xunta has offered the family of O Calvario a home in Tomiño, and Teis is seeing “if he wanted accept a home somewhere else. ” “They are going to have to leave Vigo because there is no decent housing here,” he lamented, supported by the families, who have confirmed that they want to continue living in Vigo.

“I love my city, if I have to go to Tomiño I’ll have to go, we have no choice but to accept but we stay on the street, but I’m from Vigo and I’d like to stay here,” said Israel Sangiao, who asks for a postponement Do the papers of the house of Tomiño and thus avoid staying in the street until receiving the new house and enlisting the supplies of energy and water.

For his part, Augusto Perez explained that his family has been denied several grants and are waiting for others to be resolved, both the City Council and the Xunta. In addition, he said that although they were offered a flat, it was located outside of Vigo and they need accommodation in the city because they have medical problems and he has a disability.

On this, the spokeswoman of the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage of Vigo, Carlota Pérez, has assured Europa Press that the groups will “keep fighting because they stay in Vigo” these families. “It is incredible that they have to leave the city, more than 30 kilometers away, and it is the only solution they have,” he remarked, before recalling that there are municipally owned homes that are empty. “They have lived all their lives here, and they are condemned to leave,” he has censored.



In support of these two families, dozens of people called by the collective ‘Os Ninguéns’, by the Popular Solidarity Network and by the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage and among which were also Alternatives na Xustiza-CUT, BNG and the Platform Xuntos, they have concentrated behind a banner that read ‘En loita con dignidade’, and with posters that denounced that ‘In Vigo there are evictions’ and that they demanded an ‘institutional solution’.

In statements to the media, Antón Bouzas has criticized that the City Council of Vigo, which “has zero debt and is healthy,” finance airlines and the “multimillion-dollar” reform of Balaídos stadium while it is selling municipally owned flats and has “15 flats “that could be destined to people at risk of eviction.

“It is not normal for him to say that he does not consent to the evictions and then go long and subject these people to unbearable pressure”, he remarked, before pointing out that, specifically, the mayor, Abel Caballero, does not provide a solution to the two families because “if he does he would have to admit that he has to do it to hundreds of people”.

He has also criticized that the Olivian councilors, some of whom were union representatives, are not “punching the table” for this situation and only go “as altar servers behind the mayor.” “It’s good to continue selling that this is a beautiful city when there are citizens in need,” he finished.

In this framework, the groups have claimed that between the City Council of Vigo, the Diputación de Pontevedra, the Xunta de Galicia and the Ministry of Public Works, a park with a minimum of 200 rental homes is being created and an “urgent action protocol” in these cases”. In addition, they have demanded in a manifesto that the administrations “stop using this problem as a partisan weapon”.

In order to demand the relocation of these families, these groups have organized for next Thursday, day 21, a concentration of 10 hours, between 10.00 and 22.00 hours, which will take place in the street lamp of Urzáiz.

Action of the council

On the other hand, the delegate of the Xunta in Vigo, Ignacio López-Chaves, has moved on Monday in a press conference that “already were awarded 10 homes” to families at risk of exclusion or eviction, one of which It is the family of O Calvario, that this Monday went to visit and accepted a house in Tomiño.

In addition, he assured that for the family of Teis “also requested a postponement from the Xunta de Galicia, in addition to providing advice on the application of the Bonus Social Alugueiro and resolve the grant of aid of 1,065 euros.”

“The social policy pursued by the Xunta to prevent families at risk can lose their home is bearing fruit,” said López-Chaves, who has specified that in addition to the case of the family of O Calvario, five homes were awarded in Vigo , two in O Porriño and two in Salvaterra do Miño.

In this context, he has affirmed that Vigo is “the Galician city with the most social problems related to housing”, where the cases are known “in different ways” – as collective – “but not by the official channel, which should be the Government municipal”. For this reason, he has demanded “greater commitment” from the mayor Abel Caballero.